Developing a Strategy

The path to developing a digital product strategy naturally diverges & converges between different iterative & collaborative steps. As you progress along this path, it is critical to success to understand & keep in mind business, user, and technological goals.



My Approach

Every project starts off with an initial idea, which we explore through stakeholder interviews, competitive & customer research, & brainstorms.

The observations from this stage are converted to opportunities to explore as key components of a vision for the future.

My Strengths

Discovery is collaborative and fun. I am a facilitator of new ideas and perspective. I work hard to ensure that every voice & idea is respected, which encourages a continual stream of fresh thinking.


My Approach

Once a vision has been defined, it's time to define features and prioritize them by business & user value vs. effort to design & develop. The goal is to find the sweet spot for features that have both high business & user value, but are easily accomplished. We will also identify large scope, high value features that need to be broken into reasonable phases.

Once prioritized, features can be easily mapped to a timeline.

My Strengths

I help the team provide definition to vague features & requirements, then prioritize them by marrying user desirability, business viability & technical feasibility.


My Approach

Delivering a product successfully is strongly tied to the team believing in the vision. It is crucial to bring stakeholders and the project team along for the ride in developing a vision, so that the solutions can be effectively designed & built.

My Strengths

My strong background in visual design & interaction design also provides me with the skills to sketch or wireframe solutions & effectively bring UX teams along for the ride & inspire them to design against key product goals.

My tech background & experience collaborating with technology teams has provided me with a perceptive understanding of scope & feasibility.